Races and racism

Two words close together and yet miles apart. Races and racism.

The last two weeks in London at the Olympics have shown people of all sizes, shapes, and shades competing in races on land and sea, in rings and on rings, in victory and defeat. For the most part in good spirit. At times inspiringly so.

The heroes of the fortnight have been those who have won; but also those who have shown character in adversity and resilience in defeat. Those who made it to the Games at all against long odds; those who have a story to tell that inspire as much as the gleam of any gold medal. Perhaps more so because ordinary mortals can share in the achievement.

Stress and tension on faces; relief and joy; sorrow and regret; laughter and tears.

And it mattered not at all what features underlay those emotions, or what skin colour.

Just the inherent intrinsic humanity on display.

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