We need a new god and here’s a candidate

If we’re creating another god any time soon, s/he/it should be modelled on Aaron Sorkin.

Why? Let me try and convince you…….

His worlds, be it The West Wing or now The Newsroom, reflect what a sane rational reality should be. And maybe could be….if he were a deity. Genesis ReBoot would be something like this:

First up it would have great dialogue. Snappy, fast, anarchic and a little confusing.

Second, frequently or at least every so often people would do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons – come hell or high water.

Thirdly, his mortal coil is burdened by both far fewer morons and far far fewer moron worshippers.

Let’s get in the god creation groove.

The sooner reality imitates art the better….

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